The power of using Affirmations

Everyday the use of affirmations is becoming a popular processed used by those looking to create a positive mindset. The use of affirmations daily is a great way to shift your perspective into a positive outlook.

It has been shown that negative thoughts lead to negative actions and lack of productivity. If your outlook is negative and you project negativity in to your day that will continue to be the events of your day… NEGATIVE

Affirmations are one of the many ways to combat that. Start by writing out or saying three positive affirmations about how your day will go. You can also start with what you are grateful for. Keep these things in the forefront of your mind throughout your day. This is where writing them out can be helpful as you can physically see them.

When you find yourself in a situation where things are not going the way you planned repeat your affirmations until you are ready to shift your mindset. With a clear mind begin to look objectively at your situation and actions you can take to change the outcome in your favor.

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