Growing in self-love. Breaking the habit of Co-dependency

Many People look for love and approval from others especially when in a relationship. Rarely can they look within for this, the feeling of worth comes entirely from the other person.

🌟 An important factor in creating a healthy you and growing in confidence is learning to love yourself without needing to receive love from anyone else. Being able to know your importance and worth as well as be willing to make improvements and be better.

🌟 IT'S OKAY TO BE ALONE. So often you hear people say they just don't want to be alone or hate being single. This causes them to deal with relationships that are unhealthy and with people who really do not value them.

🌟 Being single is a time to work on you and learn to enjoy being with yourself. We are the generators of our happiness not other people. Others can’t make you happy. you make you happy and your partner then enhances that happiness but they do not supply it.

🌟 Use single time constructively. Get into you and what ultimately makes you happy. Jumping from relationship to relationship does nothing but bring all of the past baggage along with you which over time will become an issue.

🌟 If you are newly single, take this time to reflect a bit. What went wrong? In what ways did you contribute to the demise of the relationship? Work on these things as it will only improve the quality of your next relationship.

🌟The more you grow in knowledge of yourself the better your confidence and self-esteem will become. Power your own happiness always!

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