Goal setting like a pro!

Many of us at some time or another struggle with goal setting. Whether its what goals you actually want to work on or simply how to execute them effectively I often times leads to goals not being reached. One major mistake most make is having an astronomical goal and not being realistic on the time and steps that will be needed to reach it. It is fine to dream big, however we must keep in mind that it will take many smaller steps being done first before the ultimate goal is met. Which is why a great way of setting goals is by using the SMART method.

Smart method of goal setting:

Specific or significant

Measurable and motivational 


Realistic and relevant

Time framed

Take Action! What are your current goals? write them out, and compare them to the SMART method check list! If you have an ambitious goal, break it down into smaller steps (mini goals) that will lead to the completion of the original goal.

Happy Goal Setting!

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