Why book a Intro Session?

Coaching is becoming very quickly a useful and positive alternative to therapy. It is also still very unknown and unfamiliar territory to many. Coaching is an amazing experience as it allows you to connect in a much deeper way. 

As a coach I have the opportunity to connect with you having a unique understanding of your current situation and positioning. Not only do I get to bring in my training but also my own personal experiences. I coach only that in which I have personally experienced as I want to be as relatable as possible to those I work with.

Successful coaching comes from a combination of connection and partnership as we both have to work our individual sides in order to reach the amazing results that are more than possible. 

In an introductory session with me my focus is just that. Customization is not just for clients it starts from our very first meeting! Expect to have a session tailored specifically to you and receive an action plan for how I can help you reach your success. Service and satisfaction is my first priority. If you have had any doubts on if this process is for you here is your sign that it is very much FOR YOU!